The Preservaton of Rural Iowa Alliance Goverance 


Board of Directors 
The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation incorporated under Iowa law and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The board was elected on July 25, 2013 at the Ayrshire Preservation of Rural Iowa Meeting.  It is important to have board members that represent counties across the state.  
Executive Team 



Carolyn Sheridan 

Clay County - Family Member 




Vice President 

Steve Licht 

Palo Alto County - Lanowner/tenant 





Paul Swanson 

Clay & Palo Alto - Landowner/tenant





Cindy Kassel

Palo Alto - Landowner 



Board of Director Meetings


The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance Board of directors  meets weekly or bi-weekly depending on the needs of the organization. 


​Contact us for more information on board meetings. Community members are welcome.

Board Members:


Jerry Crew 

Clay County - Landowner






Diane Darr

Palo Alto - Landowner






Kim Junker

Grundy County - Landowner






Dave Weber

Palo Alto -Landowner




Henry Schnakenberg

Wright County - Landowner  




Eric Andersen

Grundy County - Landowner

2010 - present

2010 - present

Community Support 

Numerous community members from across the state provide support to The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance.  They attend board meetings, write ediorials, set up community meetings, respond to local and regional questions, assist with publicity and many other things to support the mission of The Alliance.