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Call to Action 


The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance is a grass roots organization that depends on a volunteer board, landowners, family members and community members.  Find out what you can do to help stop RICL. 

Financial Contributions

The financial burden: The formation of The Alliance included a volunteer board of directors that planned for the financial burden of stopping RICL. Examples of the costs included:

Publicity, Attorney Fees, Expert Witnesses, Website, and Mailings


Costs were directly related to the length of the fight and the need for legal consultation and expert witnesses at a public hearing.

Send Letters and Emails 

 We sent letters and emails to individuals, key leaders, and organizations.


Governor of Iowa 

Find your Legislator  (Representatives and Senators) 


To write your legislators at the Capital use this address:

(name of legislator) 

1007 East Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa 50319​


Consider writing a letter to the editor to voice your opinion.

Click here for a list of newspapers across the state and contact information.  



Alliance Members 

The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance work was Important because our strategy included representation of all landowners at the Iowa Utilities Board Public Hearing.


Our organization was committed to ongoing work in several key areas including: 


FERC: Research of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rulings and their impact on this project.


Legislation: Understanding existing eminent domain laws and working with legislators to advocate for needed change.


Misconceptions: Constant review and response to news media to address misconceptions and inaccuracies.


Cost Allocation: Understanding aspects of cost allocation and how it may become a reality if this project is approved.


Illinois: Communication with Illinois leaders and monitoring the Illinois portion of the RICL project.


State Agricultural Organizations: Ongoing work with various organizations including commodity groups and Farm Bureau.

Informing Others
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