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Iowa Utilities Board Information 


The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance was represented by Justin LaVan and Mark E. Truesdell attorneys from Des Moines, Iowa. 

This part of our website will keep you updated on the legal process and provide you with important legal information.

Iowa Code Information

Important facts from the Iowa Code is located on the Iowa Utilities Board Website. Click here to be directed to their website. 

Click to read Iowa Code CHAPTER 478 ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION LINES which contains details of the law related to tranmisson lines. 

​Filing an Objection

More Information on how to file an objection is located on our OBJECTION Tool Kit  or click above  for a printable form and a sample objection form. 

The Franchise Process:

 Any electric transmission line above a certain voltage size (69,000 volts, also referred to as 69 kilovolts or 69 kV) that is located outside of a city must have a franchise from the Iowa Utilities Board before it can be built. RICL cannot file a petition for a franchise until 30 days after the informational meetings. Click to read the Franchise Process. 

Click to read information from the Iowa Utiliteis board that is available on their website:  "Frequently Asked Questions About Emient Doamin". 

What are your Rights

Under Iowa Code Section 478.5, you have the right to file written or electronic objections to the proposed project. Click here  to view a document with detailed objection process information. 

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