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How to file your objection with the Iowa Utilities Board 


The Iowa Utilities Board franchise process includes certain rights to individuals who are opposed to this transmission line.  The IUB has stated that anyone can file an objection.  The Alliance encourages all people or enties who are opposed to file a formal objection.  This includes family members, tenants, neighbors, friends, churches, businesses. 

Objection form 

Click to download an objection form that can be completed.  This form is not required to be used.

When filing an objection be certain that you include the docket number of the county or counties where you want your objection form to be filed with.

Click to read a 1 page Step by Step Instruction document on how to file electronically with the Iowa Utilities Board. 

OR Click to read the IUB instruction document 

For more information Click to be directed to the IUB website

Sample objection form

The sample objection form gives an example of how the objection form can be completed.

Click to download this form.

Total objections filed
December 1, 2015

Click on a specific county listed below  to be directed to the IUB website page. This page shows a list of all motions and objections filed for that county.  


The RICL  petition for franchise filing is also located in this E-Docket area. You can read the franchise petetions for each county by clicking on the documents tab. 




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