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RICL Land Agents Code of Conduct 

It is important that land agents from RICL abide by the "Code of Conduct" that RICL land agents have signed. Click to read the entire Code of Conduct.  


The Code of Conduct includes things such as: 

  • All communications with property owners and occupants must be factually correct and made in good faith. Do provide maps and documents necessary to keep the landowner properly informed


  • Do not make false or misleading statements


  • Do not misrepresent any fact. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not speculate about the answer. 


  • Advise the property owner that you will investigate the question and provide an answer later. 


  • All communications and interactions with property owners and occupants of property must respect the privacy of property owners and other persons.


  • Discussions with property owners and occupants are to remain confidential.


  • Do not discuss your negotiations or interactions with other property owners or other persons unaffiliated from Rock Island Clean Line LLC.


  • Do not ask relatives, neighbors and/or friends to influence the property owner or any other person


We stand for informing landowners, businesses, tenants, families and community members of their rights which includes understand how RICL Code of Conduct must be followed to prevent anyone being taken advantage of when signing a voluntary easement.  


If you feel like land agents have not followed this code of conduct please contact the Alliance for support and more information.

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