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Links to More Information 


The Alliance is frequently asked to provide information on several topics.  The Alliance has not independently researched information available on the websites or in these resources.  This information is intended for your use only.  

Wind Energy 


Wind Watch website


We Care SD website 

Solar Energy 


 Solar Energy Industries Association website 


 Soul of Wisconsin website 

Nuclear Energy 


Nuclear Matters Website 

Clean Line Opposition Groups 



Block RICL - Illinois

Block RICL Website - Illinois portion of the RICL project involving 125 miles of the 500 mile project.


Block GBE (Grain Belt Express) - Missiouri 

Block GBE website 

Keryn Newman blogs at StopPATH WV about energy issues, transmission policy, misguided regulation, our greedy energy companies and their corporate spin.



Concerned Citizens in Opposition to the NSTAR High Voltage Direct Current Power Lines through New Hampshire. Live Free or Fry website.






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