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The Preservation

of Rural Iowa Alliance 

The Alliance 

was formed to assist landowners, tenants, families, businesses, and community members in finding more information on how to stop unnecessary high voltage transmission lines in Iowa. After 4 years of dedication, on May 2nd, 2017 the Alliance was successful in defeating Rock Island Clean Line in moving forward with a 500-mile project which included 375 miles of rural land in Iowa and 125 miles in Illinois.  The Alliance is opposed to the use of eminent domain to take private property. 


This website is maintained as a resource for others who are fighting to protect their property rights. The website outlines the process and the work that was done to be successful in protecting property rights in Iowa. 

How to Get 
The Process 

The Alliance advocated on behalf of landowners, families, businesses, and community members and is committed to providing individuals and communities across the state with the resources necessary to protect the private property rights of landowners.


Key topics of concern for our nonprofit organization included: 

Eminent Domain • Easements • Property Value • Objections  •  Public use for a private merchant line  •  Overall electrical transmission grid


Voluntary Easement Numbers were low with less than 15 % of 1540 parcels for all 16 counties. The Alliance urged landowners not to sign voluntary easements. By NOT signing a voluntary easement they sent a strong message to the Iowa Utilities Board.


News and Rulings 

Important Date:

May 12, 2017

Today is a day to celebrate!! It is a historic day for property rights! 
Governor Branstad signed a bill Into law forbidding merchant high voltage transmission lines such as RICL from having condemnation power to take private property by eminent domain.  Click here to read

Senate File 516 an Act relating to state and local finances by making appropriations providing for legal and regulatory responsibilities, concerning taxation, and providing for other properly related matters, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.  This bill passed the Iowa House on April 21, 55-39 and the Iowa Senate on April 21, 27-13.

Read the lanquage related to merchant transmission lines beginning on page 18 of the bill. 

This means that even if RICL decides to try and come back into Iowa they CANNOT take your property by use of eminent domain.  This is a huge win. 

A very dedicated and amazing board of directors donated their time, energy and talents to continue this mission for nearly 4 years. 

Many people across Iowa and outside the state spent endless volunteer hours and contributed money to assist PRIA legislators in making this possible.

We need to also remember the leaders in private property rights in other states who provided leadership and guidance as they continue their fight!

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